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No downtime, no surgery, and absolutely no pain or discomfort! Wrinkles on the face, sagging neck and chin, loose skin on the arms, crepey skin at the knees or elbows, or lumpy buttocks or thighs… the Venus Legacy does it all! This procedure is also great for tightening skin post-liposuction or after having a baby. Venus Legacy offers non-surgical skin tightening for the face and neck, as well as body contouring, cellulite and stretchmarks reduction for any area of the body. This superior, non-invasive series of treatments tightens skin, improves wrinkles, smooths cellulite and often reduces circumferential fat too. Not only is the Venus Legacy an affordable alternative to more invasive procedures, treatments are safe, effective and extremely comfortable! Finally, a treatment that both feels good and delivers amazing results!

Skin Tightening:

Our Venus Legacy machine works using radiofrequency and multi-polar magnetic pulses to heat up tissue to emulsify fat, stimulate collagen, and increase circulation. This results in lifted, tighter skin and improved elasticity helping tired, sagging skin. Great for sagging skin in the neck, face, underarms, and more

Body Sculpting:

The Venus Legacy machine’s radiofrequency and multi-polar magnetic pulses heats tissue up to a targeted heat and depth. This works to emulsify fat (destroy fat cells), stimulate collagen, and increase circulation. Your lymphatics system then filters out the fat cells that have been destroyed. This results in lifted, tighter skin as well as decrease fat and body circumference. Great for that extra weight in the belly, under arms, thighs, buttocks, back, love handles and more.

Decreased Cellulite:

The same process used for body sculpting, works on Cellulite as well. By helping to break up the fat cells, it improves skin laxity, and results in smoother, tighter, and younger looking skin.



Treatment plans are individualized. Everyone's skin type and fat deposits are different. So an assessment of your treatment approach will be setup on your first appointment. Once purchased, you will be contacted within 24hours of our normal business hours to setup your appointments.


Please Note: Appointments CANNOT be booked via website. Before purchasing please contact our office to see next availability. Purchases are "NON REFUNDABLE".