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EMSlim is a focused fat burning and muscle building system that provides muscle growth as well as fat reduction.

Provides high intensity energy delivery in a short time, allowing the muscles to work!

In this way, you can both burn fat and get in shape!

It can be used for different purposes in different parts of the body with many program options.

For example, with the butt lift program, 1 session of EMSlim provides development equivalent to 20,000 shuttle.squat movements.

Who can use EMSlim?
Anyone over the age of 18 can use it.

How long does a session take?
It only takes 30 minutes.

How soon can one be used?
It can be used 2x times a week.

How many times should you use it?
4-6 sessions are recommended.

Who cannot use EMSlim?
During pregnancy or nursing mother.  Those with pacemakers or heart conditions. Anyone with Neurological conditions. Can not have session during menstrual period.



HI-EMT is the technology used in aesthetic medicine. HI-EMT is a non-invasive technology used to strengthen and restructure muscles through the interaction of the magnetic field with the patient’s tissue. With HI-EMT, optimal results are obtained by sending stable energy adjusted according to the target muscle group to the targeted muscle group. A noticeable increase in muscle mass and fat ratio is detected.

Muscle tones without physical work! WOW!


Treatment plans are individualized. Everyone's skin type and fat deposits are different. So an assessment of your treatment approach will be setup on your first appointment. Once purchased, you will be contacted within 24hours of our normal business hours to setup your appointments.


Please Note: Appointments CANNOT be booked via website.  Purchases are "NON REFUNDABLE".

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